What I Found This Morning

Everybody has their own special place(s) for their life. And so do I.

Some places I put my memories on still exist and some have gone because they changed. The ground is still there but what stands on it is different.


I will say that I grew up with nature. Mud, river, trees, grass were more familiar for me - that’s why I never enjoy PlayStation…properly. I spent most of my childhood times outside, right under the sky. I felt so free at the time.


One time, when I was 5, my friends took me somewhere not too far from home. We went to a Chinese cemetery up on a small hill so we had to climb up a little bit. We walked around before they showed me a huge grassland behind the tombstones. I went there several times ever since and always loved it.


The grassland was kind of place you can lay down, enjoy the wind and warm sun, have some crazy fantasies about what shapes the clouds could form - about future, or at least have a chit chat with your fellas with some cute snacks. The grassland was more interesting with reeds and those touch-me-not-s. At one corner, the soil was white because it was clay and it would form a small lake after raining.

Not so many people came there at the time and it made us think that we owned it.


Time flew by and I don’t even remember where the last time I visited that place until this morning. I was a little bit surprised when I got there because it was… not the same anymore.

It was dirty, wild plants everywhere. I was alone and afraid of a snake might come out.

For a second I thought I was lost but I decided to go ahead and finally found what I’d been searching for.

A lot of things changed, mostly the feeling. Maybe because I’m no longer 5 years old girl, maybe because I went there alone, maybe because I had less fantasies of life now than when I was younger. But maybe it also because some people built housing estate nearby, maybe because of the no-more-fresh-air in the morning, maybe just because of us created it so.


I have to admit I was a little disappointed. But then I realized that time changed everything - me and surroundings. Or it’s us who changed ourselves and surroundings? The last one makes more sense. 


March 2, 2014

Dulu aku pernah kenal kamu. Kamu dulu kurus, mukamu merah-merah - freckles - dan tembem. Aku tahu siapa teman sepermainanmu dulu.

Bertahun-tahun kemudian kamu ada di lingkaran di mana di situ isinya teman-temanku. Beberapa kali kita bertemu tapi tidak pernah bertegursapa. Mungkin kamu lupa kita pernah saling kenal. (Satu dari sekian)

Semoga hanya karena aku lebih mudah mengingat daripada kebanyakan orang lain.

I Don’t Know Why I Made This as My Homework Theme

But this is cool ;)

This is a Christmas present for you worked by me and my guitalele
Happy Christmas for all. Let’s enjoy the season :D

p.s. please increase the volume. ehe.

literally room recording.

The lyrics:
Let ‘em have their time
Sit back and let ‘em shine
Let ‘em rise and rise
‘Cause one day they’re gonna fall

Let ‘em soak in the sun
Sit back and let ‘em have their fun
Let ‘em spill their guts
‘Cause one day they’re gonna slip on em

Well I could be angry but you’re not worth a fight
And besides, I’m moving on
I’ve counted to ten and I’m feeling alright
And besides, I’m moving on

Let ‘em play their songs
Let ‘em say whats right and wrong
Let ‘em do their thing
‘Cause it’ll never be you and me

We got our own style
We got a way of living life
If they can’t get down
Well, we don’t need them around

Well I could be angry but you’re not worth a fight
And besides, I’m moving on
I’ve counted to ten and I’m feeling alright
And besides, I’m moving
Yes, I’m moving
And besides, I’m moving on



seperti pernah melihat wajah semacam ini……………di kampus :$


best post EVER

best post EVER

duluwaktu smppernahnaksir adekkelasterus sekarangdiaudah gedetapitetep imutdanlucudanyaampun hentikanaku

nikahi aku please